Ipan Machinery (India) Pvt. Ltd. attained ISO9001 certification, an international standard for quality assurance, in 2008 as a means to ensure safe and highly reliable quality products for all of our customers.

As a business operation unit in iPan group, we committed to realizing the “iPan Machineries” of providing safety, quality, reliability, smartness, satisfaction, technology and after sale service to the customer.

We move as well organized team with active involvement of persons at all levels for continual process improvements underlining the aspirations of the customers.

Our system is updated regularly, and we are confident that the top quality of our products will more than satisfy our customers’ needs. We combined environment, occupational health and safety with quality management system to form a three-in-one management system which has obviously improved the level of management.

Our motto is to render quickest service to the customers at his call hence our concern for the customer so as to keep his wheel moving without any interruptions.

iPan has integrity testing organization (testing laboratory) and high-quality inspection team who will responsible for the engineering raw materials hydraulic analysis, mechanical properties testing, performance testing ,no-destructive testing ,dimensional control test and so on. The test will base on the national standards and the contract stipulated standard along with company internal standards and responsible by the quality control department which will ensure the accuracy and advance.

Quality Assurance Certificate