Hydraulic Horizontal Bending Machine
Range: 2 mm to 25 mm | Length: 1500 mm to 6000 mm

Horizontal Hydraulic Bending Presses Manufacturers

We offer a Hydraulic horizontal bending machine that made with high quality metal and advanced mechanism. That is used in Transmission Tower manufacturing industries for Loading, handling and unloading of heavy angles becomes easier for the press operators. We have wide range of tooling is available for different bending operations.

The hydraulic horizontal bending machine is a valuable addition to line of high quality and reliable hydraulic metal working machines. A wide range of tooling is available for different bending operations at iPan India. We also customize special tooling for specific requirements.

Design Features

Accurate clear pass between Bolster and Table Plate.
Accurate Stroking movement in Forward and Reverse direction
Emergency stop push switch.
T-Slot for easy clamping of Die and Punch on both Bolster and Table Plate.
Adjustable Pressure Relief/Controlling Valve for HT material.
Indication light (Tower Light) with safety alarm sound.
Safety Decals around the machine, keep operator handy.
Hardened Rod both side for guide and also Hardened rollers at bottom of Bolster Plate.

Standard Accessories Including Machine

Foot switch for easier operation
Corrosion resistance
Indication arrow for safe material handling.
Oil resistance
Limit Switch and Pressure Switch Assembly for Short and Heavy Job.

Technical Features

Machine Capacity: 100 MT / 150 MT / 200 MT / 250 MT
Cylinder Stroke: 500mm/600mm/750mm/1000mm (Standard) and as per Required
Bending Capacity: Up to 20mm HT Material
Bolster and Table Size: 600x600mm, 750x750mm, 900x900mm and As per Required

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