Hydraulic H Frame Press
Range: 2 mm to 25 mm | Length: 1500 mm to 6000 mm

Hydraulic H Frame Press Supplier & Manufacturers

We offer high quality hydraulic C frame presses that are designed to perform a variety of operations. These are made from high quality of raw material which ensures durability at its user end.

Our Hydraulic H-Frame Presses has maximum pressure throughout our complete line of H Frame Presses. Working at a lower pressure means less heat and with higher efficiency and most important of all much less risk of liability issues.

Standard features available on most H-Frame Press models:

  • Electric / Hydraulic operation provides smooth, consistent pressing action;
  • Open sides facilitates work on long pieces;
  • Easily changeable flat ram nose allows the user to adapt the press to a specific job;
  • Quality, low speed Baldor motor;
  • Low speed pump offers a quiet, dependable operation;
  • Self-locking table design eliminates lateral movement;

Product Features

Accurate clear pass between Bolster and Table Plate
Accurate Stroking movement in Downward and Upward direction.
Emergency stop push switch.
T-Slot for easy clamping of Die and Punch on both Bolster and Table Plate
Four side Hardened Rod for guide
Adjustable Pressure Relief/Controlling Valve for HT material.
Indication light (Tower Light) with safety alarm sound
Safety Decals around the machine, keep operator handy.

Technical Features

Machine Capacity: Up to 100 MT/150 MT/200 MT/250 MT/300 MT/500 MT/1200 MT
Bending Capacity: Up to 20mm HT Material
600x600mm / 750x750mm / 900x900mm /1200x1200mm /
: 1320x1800mm “H” / 1500x2000mm “H” and As per Required
Cylinder Stroke: 500mm/600mm/750mm/1000mm/1500MM and As per Required

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