Hydraulic C Frame Press
Range: 2 mm to 25 mm | Length: 1500 mm to 6000 mm

Hydraulic C Frame Press Manufacturers

The C-frame press obtained from the shape of the frame of hydraulic machine. The basic advantages to the C-frame press design are an open work area and amplified accessibility. The C-frame press features become even more beneficial when multiple presses are used for increasing operations with automated material handling moving parts from press to press. The C-Frame hydraulic presses, however, are usually limited in maximum tonnage due to the design.

The two post hydraulic press is fundamentally a hybrid of the previous two designs. It has good accessibility of the work are for the operator and maintenance personnel while generally allowing for higher tonnage ratings than the C-frame press.

We offer high quality hydraulic C frame presses that are designed to perform a variety of operations. These are made from high quality of raw material which ensures durability at its user end.

Product Features

Accurate clear pass between Bolster and Table Plate
Accurate Stroking movement in Downward and Upward direction.
Emergency stop push switch.
T-Slot for easy clamping of Die and Punch on both Bolster and Table Plate
Four side Hardened Rod for guide
Adjustable Pressure Relief/Controlling Valve for HT material.
Indication light (Tower Light) with safety alarm sound
Safety Decals around the machine, keep operator handy.

Technical Features

Machine Capacity: Up to 100 MT/150 MT/200 MT/250 MT/300 MT/500 MT/1200 MT
Bending Capacity: Up to 20mm HT Material
600x600mm / 750x750mm / 900x900mm /1200x1200mm /
: 1320x1800mm “H” / 1500x2000mm “H” and As per Required
Cylinder Stroke: 500mm/600mm/750mm/1000mm/1500MM and As per Required

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