Hydraulic Angle Notching Machine
Range: 2 mm to 25 mm | Length: 1500 mm to 6000 mm

Hydraulic Angle Notching Machine Manufacturers

We are one of the professional’s manufacturers and suppliers of Hydraulic Angle Notching Machine that made from excellent quality components and other material. Some outstanding features of the products are Simple & Flexible Controls, Versatility and ease of use, low maintenance cost and Accuracy.

Design Features

Accurate clearance adjustment of both blades for BUR FREE shears.
Double edge cutting function blades at bottom.
Adjustable strokes for short pieces shears.
Emergency stop push switch.
Adjustable Pressure Relief/Controlling Valve for HT material.
Extra wide table for heavy angle with multi hole clamping facility.
Indication light (Tower Light) with safety alarm sound.
Safety Decals around the machine, keep operator handy.

Standard Accessories Including Machine

Limit Switch and Pressure Switch Assembly for Short and Heavy Job
Front Operating console for easy and fast operation having ON-OFF, UP-DOWN,
Foot switch for easier operation.

Technical Features

Machine Capacity: 50 MT / 75 MT / 100 MT / 150 MT
Shearing Capacity: Up to 20mm HT Material for 150x150mm equal angle.
Cylinder Stroke: 100mm (Standard)
Table Size: Suitable for 200×200 mm equal angle.

Extra Accessories

Angle feeding table with roller assembly.
Electronic Digital stroke counter meter for fast productivity.

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